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Six Sigma is a commonly used method for improving the reliability and profitability of business processes around the world. Six Sigma distinguishes procedures and guidelines that reduce variance, eliminate complexities, and aid in determining the root cause of errors, enabling Companies to provide high-quality goods and services to customers while still cultivating a culture of continual process development.

While most people associate Six Sigma with engineering, the approach can be applied to any industry or process. Six Sigma is a monitoring system that detects and prevents faults automatically and is used in all company environments.

LSS Massachusetts -Holyoke MA

What Does Six Sigma Mean?

According to analysts, Shewhart was the first to suggest that any processing element that deviates three sigmas from the mean be updated. One standard deviation equals one Sigma. Six Sigma needs operations to follow a “Six Sigma” standard, which equates to 3.4 errors per million openings. Continuous process control seeks to automate systems to produce consistent and efficient outputs. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach that identifies and analyzes each process stage using methods and techniques. It discusses how to boost business system success, process productivity, and bottom-line profits.

What Would You Expect To Earn As A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

Become an organizational excellence Champion with Lean Six Sigma Experts in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Reserve your place in our next public initiative at Lean Six Sigma Experts in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and hear about career openings that will benefit both you and your Company.

According to, the annual salary for those with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in the United States is $101,500. (as of July 30, 2019). The average salary ranges from $83,100 to $109,300, based on a variety of factors such as additional certificates and certifications, experience, the number of years spent in one’s chosen career, and the field in which one works. A certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belts earns a gross salary of $95,261, according to the ASQ’s Quality Progress Compensation Survey, with Lean Six Sigma Green Belts earning around $10,000 more than Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts.

Is Six Sigma Only Effective In Industrial Organizations?

Implementing Six Sigma has universal benefits for all Companies, regardless of sector. Are the problems facing the service sector different from those facing the manufacturing sector? Do they have a different outlook on customers? Service Companies conduct business at the client’s place. The industry’s trepidation over introducing Six Sigma is palpable. According to some service industry insiders, “every customer is unique.” That is right, and Six Sigma may not be enough for all service processes. With minor modifications, it can be applied to the majority, if not all, service propositions or functions.

“We are a people-driven company,” “all results are unpredictable,” and “Six Sigma is too technical,” say service sector professionals. Still, after all, they’re just voices! From big financial institutions like Bank of America to healthcare organizations. These companies used Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma applications to help them provide high-quality services on time and under budget. Request a free quote from Lean Six Sigma Experts in Holyoke, Massachusetts today.

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